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Lucinda has been building her way through the art landscape for well over a decade. She has gained professional experience as a movement artist, choreographer/director and DJ.


From an early age she has been inspired by the creativity within Hiphop culture and learned a lot from working in theater. Lucinda has played in venue's such as the Sydney Opera House and the National Opera & Ballet. On TV she has choreographed for SYTYCD and was in the final of Time To Dance.


Over the years, Lucinda has continued to search for her own form of movement and prefers to dance from her own story / feeling with movement concepts, instead of with a defined style as the foundation. She strongly believes in the authentic power and choices of the dancer and therefore shares improvisation techniques at dance academies in addition to choreography. 

Recently she has initiated some collective projects with other artists under the name Hows of Norms. Together they practiced working with film, immersive experiences and location theatre.

This year she will performing along side members of Ghetto Funk Collective and The Ruggeds in the performance called 'Groove' after touring with 'Dorian' by ISH Dance Collective and Nationale Opera & Ballet. 

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Tel: +31 (6) 53 39 48 50

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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